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VIBRANT HEALTHcomes from looking at the whole body; not individual parts


Sepalika is an Online Clinic that helps women return to vibrant health via Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, Acupressure & Lifestyle

I was aghast when I developed diabetes, having already watched my mother go through it.With Sepalika’s help, my HbA1c dropped from 11.1 to 7.5 in one month. I feel so motivated!

Megha Naresh, 52

I joined Sepalika just 2 months back. I am diabetic. With this program I lost 15.2kgs in weight but inch loss also. My sugar levels started dropping off - fasting sugar down to a 93.8 from a 238.7, HbA1c has dropped to a 5.09 from a 6.78. And most imp i become more active n energetic too.

Vaishali Shahapurkar, 49

On Sepalika’s program, I got a natural period, lost weight, and guess what? I conceived! What greater joy can I get!

Chaithra Narayan, 27

I was sceptical at first, but Sepalika was a life changing experience. Natural periods, no more mood swings, and a transformed lifestyle. Please don’t ignore PCOD – understand it and treat it holistically.

Minu Dixit, 29

I struggled with PCOS for 10 years and had almost given up. But my body could finally detox and get natural periods! Grateful to Sepalika.

Tanya Sudhakar, 23

How we do it?

Our Five Petal Way

Magnet Acuptherapy

We use the ancient system of acupressure to balance energies to speed up your healing


Right food is the basis of all health. We will work with you to help you understand what to eat and what to avoid.

Dietary Supplements

We give your body the minerals & vitamins needed to address deficiencies and restore good health

Ayurvedic Home Medicine

In your kitchen sits the wisdom of Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients for wellness. We tell you how to use them


We give you simple bio-hacks to give your health a head start

What is the Right Intermittent Fasting Plan for Me?

I want to return to Vibrant Health

    We Partner People to Return Back to Health

    Our clients have seen

    Up to 4-point reduction in HbA1C

    with diet and natural supplements

    Up to 6 kgs lost

    and reduction in blood pressure medication

    Relief from hot flashes & mood swings

    without any allopathic medication

    Natural, regular periods without hormone pills

    and reduction in PCOD symptoms

    Natural pregnancy & healthy baby

    after failed IUI and IVF cycles

    Our Philosophy

    Reboot, Rebuild and Reconnect

    We go beyond symptoms, we listen to what your body is telling us – with a comprehensive blood test analysis & complete medical history understanding. We identify your root cause and we help you heal inside out, through our holistic 5-Petal solution

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    How the Program Works

    STEP 1

    Talk to Us & Register

    Have a call with us to know how we work. Make program payment. Start program from comfort of your home.

    STEP 2

    Give us Your Medical History

    Fill out a medical history form, do a blood test and have a detailed call with our medical expert.

    STEP 3

    Receive customized prescription

    on your diet, supplements, lifestyle, etc. Explanations sent via text, images & videos.

    STEP 4

    Follow Up Consults

    happen each month. Health progress reviewed. Changes made, when needed.

    Ask questions on chat/mail. (working hours only please)

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    I want to return to Vibrant Health

    Your Expert Care Team

    Finest care from our top care specialists

    Sharda Agarwal

    Co-founder, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (USA), Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst

    Mahesh Jayaraman

    Co-founder & Chief Medical Therapist, Mastery in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (USA)

    Dr.Kalpana Mahabalesh

    Consulting OBGYN

    Gini Johnson

    Health Admin

    Payal Doshi

    Health Admin

    Gurpriya Singh

    Medical Therapist

    Diploma in Acupressure & Dietary Supplements Advisory


    Leon Sra

    Head Nutritionist

    M.Sc Clinical Nutrition,
    University College London


    Dr. Vivek Kadambi

    Consulting Expert

    Advanced Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
    Certified by World link Medical Academy, USA


    Dr.Sandhya T L

    Consulting Integrative Counsellor

    MBBS, Masters Of Social Science Counselling

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