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Evidence-based holistic care, completely online

Get customized treatment with nutrition, supplements, lifestyle and magnet acutherapy.

We’ve helped hundreds of people successfully manage their health conditions over the long term. What’s our secret? We treat your body as a whole.

We work with you to help successfully manage your health conditions. Your body is a complex, interconnected, finely tuned system. An imbalance or disturbance in one part can manifest as a problem in a completely different part. We solve the oft-hidden root causes of chronic conditions, and heal you from within.

We’re unique in that we interpret your lab test results through a holistic, 360-degree, human body systems approach. It’s called Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, and our therapists, including our Co-Founder Mahesh Jayaraman are deeply trained in this. Patients are often surprised when we explain their lab results to them and connect it back, not just to the specific condition they have come to treat, but also to other symptoms that they have not told us about yet!

With this strong foundation and the in-depth case history forms you fill, we are able to create a map for you to return to vibrant health.

We have a “5 petal” approach – five scientifically proven ways of transforming your health:


These five petals each work on different parts of “the map” to health, often complementing and strengthening each other.

Nutrition is the bedrock of all parts of health, and with the right combination of foods, eaten at the right time, we lay the solid foundation. Your lab test results reveal crucial micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, co-factors – that you may be missing, and the second petal, dietary supplements, makes up these deficiencies. Excess energy or deficient energy in any one part of the body can lead to physical symptoms and chemical imb¬¬alances. Magnet acutherapy gives you the secret advantage to ensure that this energy balance is restored, allowing the other petals to work.

Supporting your nutrition and supplements, the traditional wisdom of our grandmothers is brought to life with our Ayurvedic Home Remedies. We’ve applied the filters of science and effectiveness on each of these remedies, to ensure they work. Can you believe that chewing your food thoroughly can bring down your post-meal blood sugar by up to 20 points? This little trick is part of ever-growing list of our Lifestyle Hacks, which can give your health journey a terrific boost.

The present-day medical system treats symptoms instead of root causes, using a one-size-fits-all approach. Here’s how we’re different:

We customise treatment to address your particular health issue

We track you regularly, so you progress steadily

The root cause of your health condition is addressed

You get sustainable plans to keep you healthy for life !

We are completely online and no-touch for your convenience and safety.


When these five petals come together, their synergy delivers a very strong, result-oriented strategy, that addresses the root cause of your health challenge.

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Your Expert Care Team

Finest care from our top care specialists

Sharda Agarwal

Co-founder, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (USA), Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst

Mahesh Jayaraman

Co-founder & Chief Medical Therapist, Mastery in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (USA)

Dr.Kalpana Mahabalesh

Consulting OBGYN

Gini Johnson

Health Admin

Payal Doshi

Health Admin

Gurpriya Singh

Medical Therapist

Diploma in Acupressure & Dietary Supplements Advisory


Leon Sra

Head Nutritionist

M.Sc Clinical Nutrition,
University College London


Dr. Vivek Kadambi

Consulting Expert

Advanced Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Certified by World link Medical Academy, USA


Dr.Sandhya T L

Consulting Integrative Counsellor

MBBS, Masters Of Social Science Counselling


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