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Sepalika Success Stories

Our fertility success stories highlight individuals & couples who have overcome challenges such as irregular periods, low AMH, poor egg quality & male fertility issues like sperm health, morphology, and motility.

Whether you’re just starting your journey or have been through multiple failed IUls, IVFs and miscarriages, these heartfelt stories offer valuable insights and motivation!

With a history of PCOS, undetected autoimmunity, and failed hormone treatment, this couple joined the Sepalika Fertility Program to avoid an IVF. Working with Sepalika, their foundational health improved,a positive pregnancy test followed, and a healthy, little bundle arrived 9 months later. Watch this beautiful journey!

Praneta's journey after 4 failed IUIs and 2 failed IVFs shows how holistic health practices and personalized guidance from Sepalika helped her achieve parenthood. Witness her heartwarming story as she overcomes fertility challenges at conceives with twins, at 39!

From Miscarriage To Parenthood

From a failed IUI, miscarriage & period issues to resolving health & fertility problems. Sukanya and Thiyagrajan's dedication to addressing their health issues with Sepalika led to a natural conception, & the birth of a healthy baby boy. Watch their empowering journey with us!

PCOD to Proud Mom!

From tackling her PCOD at its root with Sepalika's program to identifying deficiencies and making lifestyle changes, Sneha's dedication led to a natural conception and the birth of a healthy baby boy. Celebrate her uplifting journey with us!

From period health to a miraculous birth during the Covid-19 pandemic, Megha's story with Sepalika is a testament to the power of the right diagnosis, nutrients, and natural remedies. Watch her journey to motherhood.

Jane had undergone 9 IUI/IVF procedures. After 13 years of trying, Jane and Cibi found hope with Sepalika. By addressing hidden thyroid issues and laying proper nutritional foundations, she conceived naturally with a healthy baby boy. Watch their inspiring journey!

From struggling with PCOD and unsuccessful treatments to embracing a natural pregnancy, Ashu's journey with the Sepalika 5-Petal programme is nothing short of miraculous. Watch her share the joy of welcoming her healthy baby boy!