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Alzheimer’s Questions

Is Alzheimer’s disease preventable?

Jul 21, 2016

Since we don’t completely understand how Alzheimer’s disease happens, to say that we can definitely prevent it by doing certain things would not be right. However, risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s are clearly known and there are specific lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Specific mental exercises, being socially active, etc. seem to help. Keeping other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, at bay also seems to work. Many people with seem to have poor nutritional status, on vital nutrients like the whole family of B-Vitamins, so ensure that you are getting the right balance of nutrition that your body and brain need, to stay active.

Sharda Agarwal
Sharda Agarwal is a qualified Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner & a Certified Blood Chemistry Analyst. She first used dietary supplements to overcome a debilitating migraine she suffered for years. Since then she has studied the subjects of nutrition and nutrients extensively. She uses this to manage the health of her family at home and with Sepalika.