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Dr. Michelle Frank is an India-based healthcare consultant working towards building safe online communities for women. She helps build digital products enabling women to make informed decisions on their health. She co-hosts #MyHealthChat every alternate Thursday on Twitter.

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  • Side Effects of Assisted Reproductive Technology | Sepalika, 15 Mar 2022 in Fertility

    15 years ago, infertility was barely heard of. Today, 15% of couples in the reproductive age group are struggling to conceive. Success rates with assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are low, yet they are the go-to option for anyone struggling with fertility even for a short period of time. In this article we will explore why […]

  • Unexplained Infertility: Get Pregnant Naturally, 16 Jan 2022 in Fertility

    Fertility, more so infertility, is cloaked in a veil of taboo. Among those who struggle with infertility, little is known about the causes, especially through futile attempts at tests which are most often normal. Clinically, unexplained infertility is used to label cases of infertility where a medical practitioner is unable to identify a known cause.  […]