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About: Karena Tonkin, Health Coach

Karena is a clinical nutritionist, health coach, writer and presenter.  She runs a private practice dedicated to the integrative and holistic treatment of adults and children with chronic physical and mental conditions and is passionate about educating individuals in health and wellbeing. Karena feels that education through speaking and writing helps prevent chronic illness and directly influences the success of individuals, families and communities as a whole.

Posts by Karena Tonkin, Health Coach:

  • Can You Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?, 02 Dec 2016 in Basics & Type 2 Diabetes

    Medications do little to fix the sugar overload problem – all they do is mask it.

  • How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes – Regular Meals or Fasting?, 25 Nov 2016 in Diet Guide & Principles & Type 2 Diabetes

    While diet is key in reversing type-2 diabetes, research is now suggesting that it is not only what we eat, but also how we eat and “when” we eat it that is significant

  • Simple Diabetic Diet – What should I Eat?, 25 Nov 2016 in Diet Guide & Principles & Type 2 Diabetes

    A slice of bread and an egg are the same just because they contain the same number of calories is one of those diabetes myths that has run out of favor with almost every medical expert.

  • Hidden Sugar In Foods : Smoke Out Those Villains!, 11 Nov 2016 in Living Well

    Take a piece of plain “whole wheat bread” and chew it well – say for around 30 seconds to a minute. Did it turn sweet in your mouth? That’s because the digestive enzymes in your mouth have begun to act on the starchy carbohydrate, to turn it into its largest constituent– sugar.

  • What Are Healthy Fats And Why Everyone MUST Eat Them, 31 Oct 2016 in Living Well

    The secret double-whammy to our health For more than half a century now, fats have been vilified in the West and blamed for the rise in heart disease, obesity and other chronic illnesses.   We have been taught to be afraid of fat and choose low-fat options or avoid fat altogether, but at what cost to […]

  • How to Stop Sugar Cravings, 17 Oct 2016 in Living Well

    “Sugar” – More Addictive Than Cocaine Wonder why a topic like “How to stop sugar cravings” is on everyone’s must-read list these days?According to Princeton University’s neuroscience department, sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine and possibly the most addictive substance you can put into your body! Yet, scarily, it’s in just about every […]

  • Can A Plant-Based Diet Protect From Heart Disease?, 26 Sep 2016 in Heart

    Today, 29 September, is World Heart Day. It’s a good day to remind ourselves to take good care of our the organ that works round the clock to keep us ticking – our heart. A hundred years ago, we were more likely to die from an infectious disease than heart problems. Today however, the reverse […]

  • Eat Your Way To Thyroid Health!, 22 Aug 2016 in Hypothyroidism

    The thyroid is a small gland located in the front of the neck, but don’t let its size fool you, the hormones that the thyroid secretes regulate metabolism in every cell of the body and a deficiency (or excess) of thyroid hormones can affect virtually all body functions. Let’s look at some eating tips for […]

  • An Alkaline Diet to Improve Your Overall Health, 25 Jul 2016 in Living Well

    While a balanced diet is what we should always seek, the reality is that most of our diets are skewed towards being acidic – between the processed foods, the artificial sweeteners and the refined flour and sugar. For many of us, such food habits throw our body into low-grade acidosis – a state where the […]

  • The Hard Truth: Can You Really “Heal” Your Body Through Alkaline Diets?, 25 Jul 2016 in Living Well

    In today’s fast-paced world, we often forsake our health for convenience and speed. But in the long run these quick, short-term fixes may actually slow us down by contributing to disease, insulin resistance, bone loss, weight gain, low energy and pain. One of the contributors to this may be low grade acidosis in the body. […]

  • Top 3 Memory Supplements: Clear Brain Fog, Sharpen Memory And Focus., 12 Jul 2016 in Living Well

    Do you have difficulty concentrating? Is your mood often low? Do you struggle to find a memory or focus on a task? Do you often wonder if poor nutrition can affect brain health and memory? Is your brain often foggy and your mental energy not what it used to be? If you said yes to […]

  • Simple Secrets to Manage Brain Fog: Eat Your Way to Great Mental Health!, 12 Jul 2016 in Living Well

    Can My Eating Habits Really Affect My Thinking Habits? How you think and feel is directly affected by what you eat. This idea might seem strange, but eating the right food for brain health has been proven to Boost IQ Improve mood Emotional Stability Sharpen your Memory and Keep your Mind Young. Our memories, thoughts, […]

  • Weight Loss Struggle After Forty – Insulin Resistance Could Be The Culprit!, 25 May 2016 in Living Well

    Age forty is a milestone that many of us dread; the number conjures up thoughts of ever increasing waistlines. So what should you eat to keep your weight in check?