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  • Get Relief From GERD The Chinese Way, 24 Aug 2017 in Acid Reflux & Living with Acid Reflux

    Unlike western doctors, Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, practitioners don’t treat all people who have GERD with similar medications. TCM practitioners focus on the individual patient and getting to the cause of distress. Here is an example. Mary went to her TCM doctor. The expert knew that most people who suffer from GERD, suffer from energy […]

  • Nurse With 40 Years Experience: “Stop Using Opioids For Pain Relief & Here’s How You Can!”, 20 Jul 2017 in Living Well

    I have been a Registered Nurse for over forty years. I’ve treated thousands of people who suffer from chronic pain. Most people feel that they have no choice other than using pharmaceuticals, including powerful opioid narcotics, to manage their pain. This is simply not true. There are better, safer alternatives to opioids for chronic pain […]