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Acid Reflux

6 Lesser-Known Benefits of Bitters for Acid Reflux

Jun 2, 2017

Many of us suffer from acid reflux or heartburn regularly. The most common remedy for this condition is antacids, which sadly doesn’t address its root cause. Most people are not aware of the benefits of bitters for easing heartburn.

Some Examples of Bitters

  • Gentian
  • Cascarilla
  • Cassia
  • Orange peels
  • Cinchona bark

Benefits of Bitter for Acid Reflux

  • They tone the valves and sphincters in the digestive tract, preventing acid reflux and encouraging movement of food through the tract.
  • They encourage the production of hydrochloric acid. Contrary to popular belief, heartburn is actually caused by a lack of acid secretion and not an excess of it.
  • They also trigger the release of digestive juices. The body then gets into a habit of producing these juices regularly, thus reducing the dependence on digestive pills.
  • They reduce bloating, nausea and gas, which are symptoms of heartburn.
  • They benefit the liver. Non-alcoholic fatty liver is one of the risk factors of GERD or chronic acid reflux.
  • They help curb sugar cravings. Excess sugar leads to weight gain, which is one of the causes of heartburn.

So, if you have acid reflux, what are you waiting for? Grab a handful of bitters and improve your digestive health. Check out other natural ways of getting rid of heartburn here.

Sharda Agarwal
Sharda Agarwal is a qualified Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner & a Certified Blood Chemistry Analyst. She first used dietary supplements to overcome a debilitating migraine she suffered for years. Since then she has studied the subjects of nutrition and nutrients extensively. She uses this to manage the health of her family at home and with Sepalika.