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A Sepalika patient — anonymous as per their request

Jun 21, 2022

Words are not enough to thank you people for filling our and our family’s life with happiness. It was after I started following the tips mentioned on your website for PCOD for 2 months and then 3rd month following your team guidelines after that I found out the reason I didnt get my period for that month was not that the guidelines didn’t suit me but the real reason was I conceived that month. I cant tell the feeling , it was shocking , surprising and feeling on cloud nine at the same time. From then onwards I am telling my friends to focus on lifestyle and not to rely on doctors for PCOD. I went through all possible treatments available in medical world market be it medicines, injections ,IUI,IVF, laproscopy , ovarian drilling and nothing worked. But finally what worked was a hollistic approach and lifestyle improvement. Trust me , its worth it just give yourself sometime to recover from within and you will be in sync with your body.

Sepalika team was always there with me and easily available for answering all my queries asap.

Once again thank you so so much from my and my family side.