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Sweta Shah

Jun 21, 2022

No one told me that not having a gallbladder could hamper my chances of having a baby! Both this, and other insights that the Sepalika team shared with me, and helped me handle, finally helped me have my beautiful baby girl !
After going through two miscarriages, I knew that the only way to have a healthy baby was to get my body back in tune with nature. On the Sepalika programme, I lost 6 kgs weight, 3 inches on waist and 2 inches on hip, and finally conceived naturally. The Team looked after me even through the tricky first trimester, to ensure that I did not have a tragedy again. During this time, I was amazed when they taught me how to use a matar dana (seed) on my forearm as acupressure, to handle severe morning sickness. There are so many amazing little techniques in our traditional medicine, and Sepalika marries them with the modern science of lab testing, natural supplements and acupressure, to deliver unbelievable results to people. Thanks Sepalika, for the joy of parenthood!