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4 Popular Adaptogens For Seasonal Allergies

May 7, 2017

Adaptogens are a range of herbs that help in making the body adapt to stress. They have been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, and have been known to cure various forms of physical, environmental and emotional distress.

Adaptogens are herbs with the following characteristics:

  1. The herbs are non-toxic.
  2. They influence various parts of the body and increase the resistance to allergy-causing bacteria.
  3. These herbs help modulate the system function and maintain a steady homeostasis.

Adaptogens help deal with seasonal allergies, such as the dreaded spring allergy. Adaptogenic supplements can be taken raw as well as in pill, tincture, powder or tea forms. Some commonly-found adaptogens that target seasonal allergies are:


Ashwaganda is an excellent remedy to combat seasonal allergies as it helps boost immunity, reduce stress levels and is also an anti-inflammatory agent. It is known to be useful against hyper and hypo immune conditions.


Astralagus also boasts of anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. It is also known to symptoms of seasonal allergies such as hay fever.


Asian ginseng or the red ginseng, as it is popularly known, helps strengthen the immune system and overcome stress levels resulting from physical and mental exhaustion.

Holy Basil

Holy basil lowers the cortisol levels, thereby increasing the body’s immunity.

Adaptogens in general can be found in many wellness circles. The use of adaptogens for managing seasonal allergies is a proven natural solution. Adaptogens, if taken regularly and with the recommendation of a certified herbalist or naturopathy healer can work wonders for the immune system and can make seasonal allergies a thing of the past.

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