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8 Foods to avoid when constipated

Jan 21, 2019

The main cause of your constipation problem can be right on your dinner plate. Unfortunately, most of the foods on a typical American plate can lead to constipation. Too much of processed foods, high fats and low fiber (read that as very few veggies) are all the culprits in the phenomenon of stubborn bowels.

Obviously, a balanced diet is what can keep your bowel in great health. Fiber is one of the most reliable nutrients that can keep your digestion function running smoothly! Fiber and carbs together draw in more water, which helps soften stool.

While food plays an important role, staying hydrated is equally important. A diet that includes high-fiber foods but no water or fluids will only worsen the situation. It is also important to remember that a single food item may not cause constipation. It is usually the combination we consume that causes the trouble.

We know the foods that help with constipation relief. Here we have identified the top eight foods to avoid when constipated.

1. Dairy

When we talk about fluids, it is important to stick to water because milk will surely worsen the situation. When your bowel movements are disturbed, it is best to steer clear of all kinds of dairy products including ice cream, yogurt, and cheese.

Most dairy products have low-fiber and high-fat content, which makes them unsuitable for consumption when you are constipated. Dairy products that include milk can also worsen the situation. If you really want to try a variety of fluids to help your condition, try fruit sherbets instead of yogurt or milk.

2. Red meat

Red meat isn’t a direct culprit. The problem occurs when its regular consumption reduces the intake of fiber-rich foods. Multiple servings of red meat in a weak can cause a backed-up feeling.

If you are fond of stews and steak, make sure you serve it with fiber-rich foods on the side. When you are already eating red meat more than you should, create a balanced diet by adding enough fiber-rich foods in your diet too. For instance, a large bowl of salad or baked potato on the side can help relieve constipation.

3. Bananas

Bananas are mysterious and you should avoid them when constipated. If you pay attention to the timing, you can still enjoy bananas in moderation. The key is to know how to consume it when your stomach is not in its best state.

Unripe bananas are worse for constipation while the brightly colored, ripe ones can help relieve the condition. The unripe green ones contain a great amount of starch, which makes it difficult for the body to digest. But when you eat the ripe ones, it provides the body with fiber and helps draw fluids from the intestines.

The key to eating bananas without worsening constipation is to stick to moderation.

4. Fried foods

This category contains several foods. Anything fried is naturally rich in fat content. Such food options yield blockages. It is important to remember that foods high in fat content are not always rich in fiber. In fact, the fat can overcome the impact of fiber by reducing the mobilizing ability of your stomach to digest food.

Fats are hard to digest while vegetables and fruits are ‘thrown out’ by our body within twenty-four hours. If you are constipated, it is important to avoid foods fried in butter or oils.

5. Tea

This could be surprising, but experts suggest how tea can work against you when you are constipated. Again, the choice of tea can make a difference here. The tea we are talking about is the regular one which often includes milk.

Tea also contains caffeine. While moderate consumption of caffeine can help with an effective digestive system, too much consumption can dehydrate the body and have an adverse impact.

If you really want your cup of tea, pick herbal teas instead. They are generally harmless but in some cases can help with your digestive system.

6. White rice

White rice is often a major contributor towards constipation. While brown rice is an alternative, it is wise to steer clear of rice to avoid constipation.

Rice isn’t recommended because it ‘sits’ in your digestive system for long. Rice also contains carbs, which in moderation can help relieve constipation, but it lacks fiber.

White rice could be your best bet if you have diarrhoea instead.

7.  Apricots

Apricots are a surprising addition to the list. Typically, when a person is constipated, he or she is advised to take more fruits and vegetables in their diet to help with the condition. However, apricots should be completely avoided in case of irregular bowel movements.

Instead of providing your gut with solid fiber, it binds food in your digestive system. Whether you like them fresh or in the dried form, it can affect your GI tract if over-indulged.

8. White flour

Most fried foods include white flour as a major ingredient. White flour contains carbohydrates, which are blamed for causing constipation. Additionally, white flour also doesn’t contain fiber, which makes it even worse for the gut.

The key is to balance your food if you do intake white flour. Add an adequate amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet to reduce the impact of white flour on the digestive system. And if you are planning to switch to a healthier option, consider high-fiber whole grain flour instead

Bottom line

The feeling of not being able to empty your bowel can be very uncomfortable. But the answer to your problem lies within your food choices. So, use this information to ensure you are getting enough fiber. Also, create a balanced diet plan to avoid constipation. There are some fantastic natural dietary  supplements that can be sued to get your system going. Try them and move smooth!

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