Acupuncture For Constipation: Try This Traditional Relaxing Technique
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Acupuncture: A Traditional Remedy For Constipation

Sep 17, 2017

Do you know that acupuncture help provide relief from constipation? Acupuncture is a therapeutic method used in many Asian countries to treat various health conditions. It involves the insertion of fine needles into certain parts of the body. This helps in stimulating some points on the ‘energy-channel meridians/lines’ along the body.

Acupuncture For Constipation’s: Understand How It Works

A study was conducted to observe the effects of acupuncture on gastrointestinal disorders. The study found acupuncture to be effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders (constipation-predominant IBS). It does so by causing muscle contractions. Eventually, it relieves visceral pain.

The factors which influenced the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating chronic constipation include:

  • The actual acupuncture point
  • Operative technique
  • The stimulation factors and
  • The treatment interval

Duration of Treatment:

A study showed that five treatments per week or undergoing acupuncture every alternate day was effective for constipation. Some acupuncturists also believe that the treatment can be supported by the use of herbal tea. The medicinal properties of herbal tea help in stimulate the bowels and help relieve constipation’s.

What Does Research Say About Acupuncture For Managing Constipation’s?

If you are wondering how useful this therapy is, here are the results of some studies conducted:

  • A systematic review was done to check the efficacy of acupuncture for chronic constipation. It indicated that acupuncture for chronic constipation was probably as effective as conventional medicinal therapy in the change for bowel movements.
  • A recent study conducted in China involving more than 1000 people suggests that electro-acupuncture may be a treatment option for people suffering from chronic constipation’s.

To conclude, if you are suffering from constipation, there’s no harm in trying this traditional therapy for relief. Unlike medications for constipation, it does not have any known side effects and can provide lasting relief.

Mahesh Jayaraman
Mahesh is a hormone health counsellor & holistic health expert. He has a Mastery Certification in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis from the US, is certified in Functional Nutrition from Washington State University and uses a wide array of healing modalities to guide his clients to vibrant health and well-being.


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