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Acid Reflux

6 Practical Tips For Managing Acid Reflux On Business Trips

Jul 25, 2017

Business travel comes with its own gamut of challenges for the GERD sufferer. While the trip may be short, it can be a minefield of acid reflux triggers. You may be stuck in meetings all day, leaving you with no time to get enough rest. You may not have any option but to eat the terrible food served at business centers. Also, you may not always be served snacks at regular intervals during conferences. How can you cope with these challenges and keep acid reflux at bay? Try these practical tips.

  1. When you don’t have the flexibility to book your own hotels, you might not know what kind of sleeping arrangement you’ll find yourself in. Remember, there’s a close connection between sleep and acid reflux. To make sure you sleep well, request for extra pillows as soon as you check into your room. Carry a sleep mask and your white noise machine so that you can shut out the noise of a busy business center. This will help you get a quick nap whenever it fits into your busy work schedule.
  2. Foods served at the buffet are usually prepared in bulk to cater to varying So, while you may have an elaborate fare in front of you, not all dishes will be heartburn-friendly. Find a couple of things you can eat safely, for example, a fruit salad and some bread, and stick to these. Avoid all dishes served with thick, creamy gravy or spicy foods served in tomato sauce. Remember that small portions are essential for controlling heartburn. If you aren’t served any options, ask the kitchen to prepare special food for you. Beassertive in asking. You (or your company) are a paying customer, after all.
  3. Prepare in advance and keep some healthy snacks in your handbag. This is crucial during long conferences and meetings, as you may not have easy access to snacks. Since most GERD sufferers prefer smaller, frequent meals to avoid overeating, it’s important that you have access to snacks in between meal times.
  4. A busy workday away from home can make even the most committed of us crave for a large shot of caffeine. Our advice is to REFRAIN. Instead, pack a few tea bags of your favorite herbal tea. Then you can sip on a refreshing, hot drink during your breaks without feeling tempted to drink black coffee.
  5. Most business centers have a gym, so go ahead and make use of it. A good workout followed by a sauna can help you relax, unwind and go to sleep more easily in your unfamiliar surroundings.
  6. Stress and business-travel go hand in So, do remember to pack your medication with your toiletries to ease symptoms of acid reflux if they flare up.

Do the best you can, and give yourself a little wiggle room to have a special meal to sample the local fare.

We hope this makes your business travel easy and stress-free, helping you focus more on your meetings and be less worried about acid reflux.

Maneera Saxena Behl
Maneera is a health and fitness enthusiast who is also a firm believer in the power of dietary supplements. A health buff, she likes to help others improve their overall well-being by achieving the right balance between nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.