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Can you take the ginkgo Biloba and ginseng together?

Dec 9, 2016

In all the research literature that we examined, taking both ginkgo biloba and panax ginseng together did not seem to be contra-indicated in any way.

In fact, going on the basis of traditional cultures using these supplements together, a research study done in 2002 using healthy volunteers asked to perform math tasks, showed that a combination of the two seemed to produce the best results in the cognitive function of these people. You can read the highlights of the study here:

However, most of us who like to try/take supplements are taking multiple things; if there are things other than ginseng and ginkgo that you are taking, they may interact with those or with each other in the presence of the others. It would be a good idea to involve an herbalist or a naturopathic doctor in your final choices.

Mahesh Jayaraman
Mahesh is a hormone health counsellor & holistic health expert. He has a Mastery Certification in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis from the US, is certified in Functional Nutrition from Washington State University and uses a wide array of healing modalities to guide his clients to vibrant health and well-being.