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Here’s Why You Need A Customized Diet Plan For PCOD

Nov 20, 2017

As a nutritional therapy consultant, I believe poor nutrition is the main cause of a lot of lifestyle disorders, including Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD). Given that it is a highly complex condition, you need a customized PCOD diet plan that focuses on correcting the underlying hormonal imbalances associated with this condition.

Most modern health problems are the result of an imbalance in the body’s physiological foundations. My nutrition philosophy is based on the tenets of holistic nutrition and focuses on rebalancing and solidifying your physiological foundations. Based on the specific needs of PCOD patients and my nutrition philosophy, I have created a customized PCOD diet plan for Sepalika’s 5-petal program. Let me share some reasons why you need a customized plan like this one in your fight against PCOD.

Help in identifying harmful foods

Our modern diet has brought a lot of adverse effects, without us realizing them. These adverse effects show up differently in different people: In your case, it’s in the form of PCOD. Our PCOD diet plan aims to reverse the adverse effects of our modern diets. During the course of your PCOD program, I will educate you to identify the toxic nonsense that big corporations and diet establishments have been marketing as ‘food.’ Specifically, I have made a list of foods, which are particularly harmful to PCOD patients.

Sepalika PCOD Program

Struggling with PCOD symptoms?

Detailed nutritional guidelines

Our PCOD diet plan includes detailed guidelines on foods you need to stay away from or have in moderation to recover from this hormonal disorder. For example, many PCOD patients are confused about whether coffee is good for them. Our PCOD diet plan advises you on how many cups of coffee you can have in a day, what kind of milk you should use, and which are the acceptable sweeteners.

List of helpful rules

Our nutrition plan is not restricted to diet alone. We also include tips that will allow you to get the most of your PCOD diet. For example, a simple tip like ‘stop eating after second burp’ will prevent you from overeating. As a result, there will be a lesser load on your body to digest the food. There are lots of other similar easy-to-follow rules for optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Comprehensive purchase and storage guidelines

The right PCOD diet is not about the ingredients alone. You may be eating the most PCOD-friendly foods, but if they are not washed properly, they will do you more harm than good. Likewise, there’s a lot of useful tips that you need to keep in mind while purchasing groceries. For example, our PCOD diet plan includes guidelines on what salt you should buy, where and how should you store your oils and fats, what type of milk is beneficial for you, etc.

Advice for all meals of the day

Our PCOD diet plan includes advice for all meals of the day, right from breakfast to dinner. There’s also a lot of interesting ideas for healthy and delicious snacks. We understand that to sustain a diet plan, you need to eat foods that are enjoyable. Keeping that in mind, we have also included a list of acceptable desserts (made using acceptable sweeteners.) This is very different from boring and unsustainable diet plans that most of us are used to.

Learn to trust your natural intelligence

An ideal diet plan doesn’t focus on the short term. It trains you to develop healthy habits, which should last a lifetime. Our PCOD diet plan trains you to recognize and trust your innate intelligence, as it speaks to you about your body’s nutritional needs. You will come to see that your body is able to bounce back, heal and repair, without fad diets, yo-yo diets, or other extremely restrictive diets. Together, you will move forward by going back to a time where food was real, whole, nutrient-dense, restorative, tasty and properly prepared.

To conclude, this is the first of its kind PCOD diet plan. Along with a diet plan, Sepalika’s 5-petal PCOD program includes fun exercise videos, ayurvedic supplements, magnetic acupressure kit, and lifestyle tips.

Sign up for Sepalika’s 5-Petal PCOD treatment plan and take your first step towards a PCOD-free life.

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Ishika Sachdev
Ishika Sachdev is a Holistic Nutritionist certified from Nutritional Therapy Association of America. Ishika believes that food is your ultimate medicine and cure for all kinds of health conditions, including lifestyle disorders like PCOD.
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