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PCOD Misconceptions: What No One Ever Told You

Apr 10, 2018

Women have access to so much information on health and wellness on the internet these days, yet our research found that many women have big PCOD misconceptions and myths surrounding their periods and Polycystic ovary syndrome.

In this video we have put together for you, we will bust some common myths on PCOS.

PCOS Means You Have Cysts On The Ovaries

Imagine this  – You get an ultrasound done and it shows that there are no cysts on your ovaries. Great! you think you don’t have PCOD and you walk out feeling fine. Guess what? That’s a misconception. There are many other symptoms of PCOD which you don’t know about, let alone test.

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Missed Periods Are Normal For A Woman

Periods are painful, but that doesn’t mean that it is okay to miss a period!  It might sound like one less hassle to deal with, but when you miss a period, you’re ignoring a natural body rhythm.

Contraceptive Pills Can Treat PCOS

Is taking a contraceptive pill the way to get regular periods in PCOS? Many doctors will put you on the pill, and you might even feel as if your PCOS has been cured, because some of the visible symptoms disappear, but that again is a misconception.

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