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Dance: An Excellent Exercise For Hormonal Imbalance

Nov 2, 2017

PCOD is an increasingly common, yet misunderstood condition. PCOD is essentially a lifestyle disorder that results from hormonal imbalance. A healthy lifestyle goes a long way in managing or even reversing this condition. Exercise is one of the key pillars in managing many lifestyle disorders, and PCOD is no different. Let’s look at why dance is an excellent exercise. We’ll also look at Syybol’s unique exercise program, created for Sepalika exclusively, to balance hormones and fix PCOD. exercise to balance hormones

Why Dance Works As an Excellent Exercise?

All of us know that exercise is good for our health. However, for many of us, it is not easy to commit to regular exercise for several reasons. So many of us have paid for annual gym memberships and never gone to the gym after a month. Busy schedules, lack of access to good trainers or facilities, and lack of knowledge are common factors that keep us away from exercising regularly. Even for those that commit themselves, sustaining the momentum is difficult.

Boredom and fatigue are common reasons why people drop off their exercise journey. But when you enjoy your workout, you tend to “stick” to it, be regular and not drop out midway. And consistency is one of the most important factors in getting results out of exercising.

At Syybol, we believe that exercise should not be a burden. We believe, exercise should be fun, entertaining and something you look forward to. That’s why we created a workout based on what every Indian woman loves: Bollywood dance! These dance moves are familiar and come naturally to us. And so, anyone can do these workouts easily without too much effort or learning. Every move activates a different set of muscle groups. And we make sure that every Syybol session becomes a full body workout.

Syybol dance workouts are systematically designed based on five key fitness principles. These principles ensure every workout is extremely effective while being a lot of fun.

  1. Incorporation of 3 key fitness approaches: aerobic or cardio activity, muscle strengthening, and flexibility
  2. Compound movements that engage multiple muscles at one go
  3. High intensity interval training (HIIT) and active rest principles
  4. Breathing techniques
  5. Rest and restore mechanism

Sepalika PCOD Program

Struggling with PCOD symptoms?

A Customized Dance Program For PCOS

Syybol has created a customized dance program for Sepalika to help women with PCOD live a healthier and more vibrant life.

This program incorporates several techniques and movements that have proven to be effective in PCOD management. We have selected moves from both yoga and the AVIVA method to create this workout plan. For those unaware, the Aviva Method is a very popular sequence of exercises for hormonal health.  These moves are meant to boost the blood circulation to your abdomen and pelvic area, helping the body nourish and heal the organs from within. This special PCOD workout program also addresses weight loss and insulin resistance, the two key challenges faced by most PCOD patients.  And all this in a highly fun way.

Based on several studies done on exercise and PCOD, it has been found that exercise-induced weight loss has shown to improve metabolic function and hormonal health. Thus, exercise leads to better management of the condition and its symptoms. According to one study, moderate aerobic training for 12 weeks had a positive significant effect in improving PCOD related symptoms.

Besides the benefits for PCOD and hormonal health, dance workouts also improve several other health parameters.  According to a study done at the Western Sydney University’s School of Science and Health involving 48,000 people, people who dance almost halve the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease! Besides, dance workouts are shown to improve brain activity, balance, and mental well being. Dancing to your favorite moves and music also helps in activating both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This is how holistic exercises like yoga also work.

So, put on your dancing shoes, and say bye-bye to boring exercises, and your PCOD symptoms! Keep smiling, Keep Syyboling!

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Maneesha Kapoor
To balance her sedentary corporate lifestyle of over 2 decades, Manisha was in a forever search for a fitness regime that was effective. This is what led to her co-founding Syybol, a dance and fitness community, aimed at making physical fitness and weight loss fun for people. Manisha, along with the other co-founder of Syybol, Ashraf Sayed, have designed a special dance routine for Sepalika which is based on the principles of the world-renowned Aviva Method, that helps women in regulating their reproductive system.
Maneesha Kapoor

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