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5 Common Fertility Issues Medicine Overlooks

Dec 8, 2022

Traditional fertility doctors focus so much on just the ovary & uterus in a woman, they miss out on some very important factors that can hugely increase a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. 

#1 Good gut health: If a woman’s gut is imbalanced, she will not be absorbing the nutrients she’s eating & hormone production gets affected. Bad gut also means excess estrogen is not being removed from the body. This can lead to menstrual issues, pcos, endometriosis & affect ovulation.

#2 More than 1/3rd of fertility issues come from men. This is a fact. & yet, I have seen so many doctors who have not examined men at all. Even couples themselves are in denial & feel the problem is with the woman.

#3 Deficiency of vitamins & minerals: Not just Vitamins D3 or B12 but check for zinc, folates, magnesium, iodine, co-enzymes Q10 – all of which help a couple get pregnant.

#4 Has your fertility doctor tracked your sleep? Do you know poor sleep affects hormones like LH that trigger ovulation in women and the sperm-maturation process in men?

#5 Finally, stress. Who doesn’t face everyday stress? But where we fail is to understand how deeply stress affects pregnancy chances. It lowers sperm concentration & motility; it triggers release of cortisol which disturbs reproductive hormones. Stress also lowers libido.

Widening the area of investigation beyond eggs, uterus and sperm can give a medical expert deep insight into fertility issues. Imagine the possibility of addressing these successfully to give babies, instead of straightaway going in for an IUI or IVF? 

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