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Alcohol & Fertility

Dec 8, 2022

Nothing like unwinding at the end of a day or week with a glass of wine or whisky. Or the new trend – gin. But if you’re trying to get pregnant, I’m talking to both the lady both the lady & man, should you think twice? 

In a woman, alcohol can increase estrogen, FSH and LH and decrease progesterone. So, ovarian reserve & ovulation are disturbed affecting chances of conception and implantation. In Men, alcohol can reduce testosterone, decrease sperm count, lower semen quality, mess up with arousal and desire, trigger erectile dysfunction and early or decreased ejaculation. All of which could lead to difficulties in intercourse and conceiving.

I know a lot of this applies to heavy drinking. So how much is too much? A glass of wine or a few beers with friends won’t stop you from getting pregnant. BUT, that assumes you are great on fertility health parameters. I’d say If you are trying to have a baby, limit your alcohol intake. AND if you are already on any kind of fertility treatment, it makes no sense to take this risk & lower your chances. 

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