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Avoiding 1st trimester miscarriage

Dec 9, 2022

1st trimester miscarriages happen because of chromosomal, progesterone, or thyroid issues, or nutritional deficiencies. 

On the Sepalika Fertility program we have helped women with repeated miscarriages take their pregnancy safely past the 1st trimester. How?

The best results we’ve seen is with Bioidentical micronized progesterone – not the allopathic one but a special form very similar to what your body produces. Progesterone builds the endometrium & prevents uterus from contracting & causing a miscarriage. 

2nd Get your Gut health in order: fiber, probiotics, & good quality stomach acid ,all of which you get with the right diet & supplements.

3rd Nutritional deficiencies can affect normal fetal development. You need folate, D3, iron, magnesium, zinc, & Omega 3.

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