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Breasftfeeding & Pregnancy

Dec 8, 2022

Many women use breastfeeding as a form of birth control. Pregnancy chances does fall because breastfeeding lowers the levels of 2 hormones necessary for ovulation and pregnancy to occur – GRH & Luteinizing hormone. But breast feeding is not a fool proof method & a woman can get pregnant even while feeding her baby! 

Now it’s true periods don’t happen when you breastfeed & you need to ovulate to conceive. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to know when the first ovulation is going to arrive. you might not know it’s happened until you get your first period after pregnancy, by which point you’ve already been fertile & if intercourse has happened, pregnancy can happen too. If you are exclusively breastfeeding which we absolutely recommend, and that too at least every 4-6 hours through the day & night, this can work as a method of birth control for up to six months after giving birth. Otherwise, do consider other birth control options.

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