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Cosmetics & Fertility

Dec 8, 2022

All of us love looking good. Who doesn’t appreciate a nice shade of lipstick or nail color? But between nail polish, lip color, kajal, eye shadow and foundation….that’s a lot of chemicals we are putting on ourselves. And if you’re a woman trying to get pregnant, you must think twice. All these cosmetics contain chemicals which can stop your hormone system from doing its job of helping you get pregnant.  Parabens, toluene that makes your nail colors glossy, BPAs, Phtahlates that keep cosmetic colors vibrant, are some of the chemicals you don’t want in your system. Exposure to these can upset hormone balance & raise risk for miscarriage. Chemicals in cosmetics are endocrine disruptors.

Now, I’m not saying stop using cosmetics. That’s unrealistic. But you can gradually begin to buy clean cosmetics. Instead of just looking at brand names, start to look up and research ingredients on the label. I’ve personally moved away from many of the big cosmetic brands & switched to small, unknown brands who use more natural ingredients that I am comfortable with. I’ve mentioned some of the cosmetic brands I use in the caption below. If you’d like, you can check them out. 

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