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Does Cholesterol Affect Fertility

Dec 8, 2022

Does Cholesterol Affect Fertility?

Unfortunately made a villain, here are Cholesterol facts you must know:

  1. All your cell walls need cholesterol to hold them together. 
  2. For your skin to make Vitamin D, it needs cholesterol
  3. Cholesterol is used to make your adrenal hormones – cortisol and aldosterone 
  4. Most importantly for fertility: Cholesterol helps make progesterone, estrogen, DHEA & testosterone.  

Sadly, there’s a HUGE myth around cholesterol. Doctors ask heart patients to avoid eggs, ghee & eat low oil foods because these contain cholesterol. But did you know Only about 20% of cholesterol in your bloodstream comes from the food you eat. Your body, mainly the liver, makes the rest. The liver also produces bile which is needed to absorb & use this cholesterol.

That’s why liver function & cholesterol are important factors to look at when a couple is trying to conceive. They can make a BIG difference to egg & sperm quality, ovarian and uterine health.

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