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How Can you Improve Good Cholesterol for Fertility

Dec 10, 2022

70% of cholesterol is made by the liver. 30% comes from food. So, to improve good cholesterol levels, you will need to do 3 things: eat foods that strengthen the liver, add good fats for the dietary cholesterol & lower inflammation that causes your body to raise bad cholesterol or use up all the HDL or the good guy.

Eat foods in this order

1st: Increase protein in your diet

2nd: eat non starchy vegetables – these are a fiber source

3rd add healthy fats: nuts, seeds, avocado

4th: eat Indian berries: phalsa, karonda, shahtoot, rasbari. Imported ones are too expensive.

5th : reduce grains: wheat, rice

6th: Garlic

7th: eliminate maida, sugar, & refined oils 

Supplements are very good for improving cholesterol. But always have them under advice of a health care practitioner as the type & dosage is important:

Omega 3, antioxidants like Vitamin C&E, natto kinase

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