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Low AMH IVF only option

Dec 8, 2022

So many women have told me they have been advised IVF by their doctor as their AMH is low. While I agree low AMH impacts your overall fertility window, you can still get pregnant naturally even if AMH or your egg supply is in the lower range for your age group. After all, you only need one healthy egg and one healthy sperm to conceive. 

What truly matters is the quality of the one egg being released, not whether it is coming from a pool of 5 follicles or 50 follicles.

Low AMH levels don’t mean you necessarily need IVF or an assisted fertility treatment. If you have a regular cycle & are ovulating, natural pregnancy is possible. A majority of the women we’ve worked with at Sepalika, have come with low AMH. As we keep saying everywhere, it is the foundational health of the couple that needs to be optimal. 

That said, if you have low AMH and want to wait a while before having kids, you can consider the option of freezing eggs as low AMH means the fertility window is shorter. 

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