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Root Cause Infertility

Dec 8, 2022

2 out of every 3 IVF cycles fail. Doctors are unable to address this because their work begins and ends with the reproductive system. No conventional fertility expert looks at your health foundations that can be the root cause of your infertility.

Undiagnosed Insulin resistance in a woman alters levels of proteins like SHBG and IGFBP. In turn, these increase production of androgens in the ovary causing anovulation where the woman is unable to release an egg even though she may have regular periods. 

In men, high sugar levels or diabetes produces antibodies harmful to sperm health. It affects the maintenance of an erection and significantly decreases libido. 

Next Even when TSH is normal, advanced tests can show active thyroid hormones like FT3 & FT4 to be low which can limit your ability to ovulate, impairing egg quality, and affecting pregnancy.

Autoimmunity is a state when our own body produces antibodies that attack our healthy cells. These antibodies can affect egg function, attack sperm, or result in early pregnancy loss. Thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, and PCOS have been linked with possible autoimmunity which needs to be diagnosed. 20-30% of cases of unexplained infertility can have autoimmunity as a likely cause.

Another root cause is toxicity, toxins that come from pesticides in the vegetables you buy, chemicals in the lipstick or plastic bottles you use, air pollution, the list is long. Toxins mimic or block estrogen and testosterone. This can change hormone levels, decrease sperm and egg quality, damage sperm DNA, take longer to achieve a pregnancy & increase risk of miscarriage.

Poor sleep makes your adrenal glands work in overdrive, producing cortisol which in turn damages the balance of your sex hormones – estrogen, progesterone & testosterone. 

Finally but importantly, does your diet support fertility? I have seen that lack of macro & micro nutrients in correct proportions are the reason why egg or sperm quality is poor.

If you have been struggling with fertility for a long time, tried assisted techniques but haven’t succeeded in pregnancy, talk to someone who can help you get to root cause & address it. 

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