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What is Fertility Diet

Dec 8, 2022

What is The Fertility Diet?

I get a lot of messages asking for an ideal fertility diet. 

BUT there is no “perfect” fertility diet. Each woman or couple comes with their own health history & fertility experience. We need to customize. However, here are my eating guidelines if you’re trying to get pregnant.

You must have carbs. BUT they must mainly come from vegetables of all kinds. Grains and fruit should be a very small proportion. For every spoon of rice, or piece of roti, eat two spoons of subzi or vegetable. Everyday. All the time.

Next, Increase intake of protein. Most Indians under eat protein, even as non-vegetarians. Protein, especially animal protein, provides nutrients for egg quality, & sperm health. 

Finally, do forget & fear fats. Cook in shuddh ghee, add coconut to food, eat nuts & seeds. 

My tip: Start with one change at a time. That way, you will set yourself up for success. 

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