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Living With Type 2

Don’t Let These 4 Diabetes Myths Interfere With Your Lifestyle

May 18, 2017

Being a diabetic is not easy. There are a lot of things, such as diet and lifestyle, which you need to be careful about. However, there are lot of myths, which can make things stressful for patients unnecessarily. Let’s look at some common diabetes myths.

You Should Steer Clear of Fats

The truth is that a diet rich in healthy fats helps in controlling diabetes and achieving weight loss. A high fat diet works for diabetics because of its low requirement for insulin. When a high-fat diet is combined with a low-carb diet (known as a ketogenic diet), the body uses fats for generating energy. Eggs, fish (such as salmon), cottage cheese, avocado, olives and olive oil, nuts, nut butters and seeds are some healthy foods that are included in a ketogenic diet.

You Can’t Consume Sweets

Consuming excess sugar is bad for anyone’s health, including diabetics. Eating a lot of sugar can result in a resistance to absorbing insulin, which is responsible for converting blood sugar into energy. Hence, diabetics are unable to break down sugar and it’s obvious that they shouldn’t consume large amounts of it. But, this doesn’t mean that you should lay off sweets altogether. You can always treat yourself with an occasional dessert.

You Shouldn’t Exercise if You Have Diabetes

On the contrary, exercise plays an important role in controlling diabetes. However, consulting a doctor is important for diabetics when it comes to working out. Since diabetics are on a different diet, they need an exercise program that works well with their individual diets. Also, when blood sugar levels are above 400, it is advisable to avoid exercise.

Being on Insulin is the Only Lifestyle Change you Need

Insulin might help to control diabetes in the beginning, but other factors also play an important role in its treatment. Medications may not be as effective in the later stages of diabetes. One must maintain a proper diet right from the day of diagnosis. Diabetics must also create an exercise regime that works with the diet and must follow it religiously. It is advisable to consult a doctor and create a diet and workout chart based on your condition.

In addition to the myths above, there’s a whole lot of myths that are specific to diet for diabetics. Check out our article on diabetic diet myths to know more.

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