Fish Pose Yoga - Matsyasana Benefits And Techniques
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Diabetes and Exercise

Fish Pose Yoga – Matsyasana Benefits – An Easy Variant for Diabetics Video

Dec 5, 2016

The Fish Pose, or Matsyasana, is a powerful yogasana that can greatly benefit diabetic patients. Follow the Matsyasana steps given below to master this pose.

How To Do Fish Pose – Technique

Step 1 To do Fish Pose Yoga lie down on your back. Place your arm underneath your hips.

Step 2 As you inhale, lift your head and chest from the floor. Arch until you’re sitting halfway. Lower your head backwards and touch your head to the floor.

Step 3 Now, lower your head back to the floor, but make sure that your legs are straight and thighs are active, reaching through your heels.

Step 4 80% of the pressure should be on your elbow. Depending on how high your chest is arched, your head may or may not rest on the floor.  The goal will be to get there.

Step 5 Lifting your head up, lower your head and chest on the floor and relax.

Pose Benefits

Matsyasana stretches the belly muscles & tones abdominal organs. When done along with breathing exercises, it helps manage diabetes. If it is made part of an exercise regimen, it can benefit diabetic patients to manage their blood sugar levels without being overly dependent upon medications and can also help them lead an active and enjoyable lifestyle.

Harsha Banthia
Harsha is a Sivananda certified Yoga Teacher and a K11 Fitness instructor. She is passionate about healing and uses yoga, panic healing, fitness training and Tibetan Bowl sound therapy to restore her clients back to great health and balance.