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Acid Reflux

Do Bananas Help with Acid Reflux?

May 1, 2018

Do you wake up in the morning with a terrible burning sensation in your stomach, Acid Reflux?

Do antacids make a standard appearance on your work table?

Do you feel something is rising up in your throat, especially after a heavy or spicy  meal?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, chances are that you suffer from acid reflux, a condition when the stomach acid flows back to the oesophagus leading to irritation in the lining of the oesophagus. If you haven’t been able to treat it using the pills you pop in, do not worry.

There is a fruit which can act like magic in such a scenario. The humble banana.

Banana being an alkaline fruit with a pH 5.6, it fights against the burning sensation in the chest, the upper abdomen and heartburn.

Antacid properties of Bananas

Banana contains vital nutrients like potassium and proteins

For starters, banana contains potassium which is alkaline therefore reducing the acidity in the stomach. It also contains sulphur and protein. Thus it helps in digestion. Other than that, it contains protease inhibitors which help in getting rid of certain bad bacteria in the stomach. Lastly, it is a perennial source of minerals and Vitamin B6 which strengthen the oesophagus.

Alkaline pH of Bananas

This one is more obvious. A low acid meal can help fight against acid reflux. With the pH between 5 and 5.29, they raise the pH of the stomach contents, reducing the acid levels in the stomach, coating the stomach lining and shielding it from the gastric acids, thus acting as a natural antacid.

Banana with Fibre and other benefits

Bananas contain pectin, a soluble fibre that helps in the smooth movement of the stomach contents, preventing any of them from lingering around in your stomach. The longer the food particles stay, the more putrid they’re likely to become and the more acid is produced in your stomach. Thus the fibre acts as an anti-acid reflux.

Banana as Prebiotic? Yes!

It is important to have a stomach that functions properly and on a regular basis. Bananas contain prebiotics which help in the fermentation of the good, healthy and the required bacteria in the stomach. This minimises the chance of an acid reflux.

With this piece of information, you are ready to include banana in your diet. You could eat it every day with breakfast or after any meal. You could also make a smoothie if the weather is too hot and you want something to drink! The beauty lies in the fact that bananas can be eaten anytime, anywhere. They have literally no side effects and they are super cheap! However, as with any other food, do not overeat.

Recipe: Banana Ginger Breakfast Smoothie

Please note that bananas work for most people in this world when they suffer from acid reflux. However 1 per cent of the population feels that a banana triggers an acid reflux. Make sure you don’t fall in that 1 per cent. Other than that, banana contains insoluble sugar, so if you eat a lot then it might cause gas and abdominal bloating.

With this, it is about 99 per cent safe to say that, a banana a day keeps acid reflux away!