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BCPS not an answer to pcos & infertility

Dec 10, 2022

Contraceptive pills are not a solution to PCOS if you’re trying to get pregnant. These pills stop ovulation from happening and prevent your ovary from releasing an egg – exactly the opposite of what you want in trying for conception. Then why are they given? The answer: your health care provider possibly wants to get your periods on track & birth control pills are an easy way to manage this. BUT this is solution is temporary. The period you get with pills is called a false bleed. Because contraceptives don’t fix the root cause of why your hormones are out of balance, when you stop the pill, your periods will most likely become irregular again. 

PCOD is a metabolic issue resulting in imbalanced Hormones. By Metabolic issue I mean some chemical reactions disturb your body’s metabolism leading to insulin resistance and or inflammation. The real answer is to treat these using diet, lifestyle, vitamins & minerals to make your body more sensitive to insulin, reduce inflammation & finally get your ovaries to produce their own hormones without external artificial ones. This is the long-term solution. 

If you are trying to conceive but have PCOS, remember, you can fix it at its root & get pregnant naturally. If you have questions, message me. I will help you.

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