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Cysts is not PCOS

Dec 8, 2022

ONLY Cysts on Ovaries is NOT PCOS

Most women think they have PCOS because their ultrasound report showed cysts on ovaries. But this is not correct at all. To be diagnosed with PCOS, you need to meet 2 criteria:

Criteria #1: You need to show signs of hyperandrogenism or excess male hormones. This can be either excess face & body hair or cystic acne on your face or chest or back or a blood test that shows high levels of male hormones.

The 2nd criteria you ALSO need to have is ovarian dysfunction – either your periods come after a gap of 35 days (which means you don’t get more than 8 periods in a year) & or you have polycystic ovaries. 

Unless you have BOTH these conditions that is: high levels of male hormones AND irregular periods or cysts on ovaries you do NOT have PCOS. So, an ultrasound that shows polycystic ovaries and you have no other symptom should not lead to a PCOS diagnosis. 

There’s so much confusion on this definition that women unfortunately, are being told they have PCOS when they actually don’t. I personally believe the name PCOS or PCOD itself must be changed. It leaves women feeling bad which should be the last thing that should happen.

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