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Do Diet Plans Work

Dec 8, 2022

Eat keto to have a baby. Do intermittent fasting or a low carb  diet. Websites or INSTAGRAM videos are full of these.

As someone who has worked on women’s hormones over so many years, my practical experience tells me, restrictive diets can backfire in fertility.

Do NOT eliminate any food group. When you cut vegetables & fruit in keto, the woman is deprived of folates & antioxidants important for her to get pregnant. Diets that avoid animal protein, ones that go on low carb, can deprive you of vital minerals which can lead to trouble getting pregnant, or Recurrent miscarriage.

Skipping breakfast in intermittent fasting doesn’t work for everyone. When I see women with adrenal fatigue & low energy on our fertility program, I can’t deprive her of the nutrient dense calories that a morning breakfast will allow.

Restrictive diets put the body under undue stress. When a woman is stressed the body will de-prioritize reproduction. Exactly the opposite of what we want.

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