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Eating Color for Fertility

Dec 8, 2022

The colors in your vegetables come from phytochemicals – which are full of Vitamins like A, C or K, antioxidants, minerals like potassium – all of which will build healthy egg & sperm. To make the most of them in your fertility diet, here are 3 principles to follow:

  1. Eat at least 2 different Colored vegetables in each meal – as sabzi, salad, stew, kootu – whatever form you like. But 2 colors. & Potatoes don’t count.
  2. How you cook vegetables matters. Lightly cooked or sauteed. Don’t brown or roast or overcook them, like we do in most Indian cooking. The health benefits of colors will be lost. 
  3. Pairing red, yellow, orange, and dark-green vegetables with some fat helps your body absorb nutrients like lycopene and beta-carotene. So don’t have plain chopped or sliced carrots & cucumber. Drizzle some olive oil or add a tadka of coconut oil to them.
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