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Foods Your Ovaries Love

Dec 8, 2022

Your ovaries do 2 big jobs for you: They produce & release eggs for fertilization and they secrete 3 main reproductive hormones: estrogen, progesterone & testosterone. So keeping them healthy & strong is your job for them(with the help of food they love)!

  1. Vitamin A rich foods: carrots, eggs, milk, spinach, & pumpkin. 
  2. Vitamin C rich foods: Red & yellow peppers, oranges & broccoli
  3. Omega 3 rich foods: fatty or oily fish like salmon or hilsa, walnuts & flaxseeds
  4. Low glycemic index foods, that’s food which don’t increase blood sugar rapidly. Vegetables, millets, & dals
  5. Selenium rich foods like meat, eggs & shellfish
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