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How to improve progesterone naturally

Dec 8, 2022

Progesterone has a very important role in fertility as it helps build your uterine lining where a fertilised egg can embed itself. Miscarriages often happen because of low levels of progesterone.

Progesterone is a hormone, there are no foods which actively contain it. But you can certainly support progesterone creation in your body.

Eat more fiber – flaxseeds, oats, quinoa. Fibre can help reduce estrogen which in turn can help progesterone work more effectively. 

Raise Vitamin B6 in your body. Sunflower seeds, fish, dried fruit

Increase your Zinc levels. Zinc increases the production of FSH hormone which in turn causes ovulation and leads to the production of progesterone. Pumpkin seeds, nuts, seafood

Eat more magnesium. It builds 3 hormones : FSH, LH & TSH – all of which can boost progesterone. Spinach, whole unpolished grains, nuts & seeds.

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