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The Fertility Diet

Dec 8, 2022

The Perfect Fertility Diet

While there is no Perfect Diet in Fertility because each woman or couple comes with their unique health history which requires a customized diet plan for them, I’m sharing with you my basic principles I follow for almost all our fertility clients. So use these to build your health if you are trying to get pregnant:

#1 Eat 5 cups of cooked veggies daily. Spread it across breakfast, lunch & dinner. Potatoes don’t count as veggies. 

SHOW: You can have your veggies in cooked or salad form. But 5 cups.

#2 1-2 cups of protein in EACH meal. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. No escaping protein☺ 

Eggs, chicken or fish if you’re non vegetarian. Minimize red meat. 

SHOW: Chole, rajma, & dals if you are vegetarian. Cooked Moong sprouts are better on protein than any dal.

#3 Good fats: 

SHOW A fistful of walnuts, almonds, & seeds like pumpkin, melon or flax. Add coconut to your meals. Cook your food in ghee or cold pressed oils.

#4 Just one serving or rice or roti or bread at any meal. 

SHOW That’s half cup of cooked rice or pasta, 1 slice bread or one small roti. This is more than enough. 

#5 Fruit: one small bowl before 4pm daily. 

SHOW: small NOT big bowl.

& if you tolerate dairy, a glass of buttermilk at lunch. Avoid dahi at dinner.

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